Healthy Foods for Type A Blood Diet

Healthy Foods for Type A Blood Diet

How to perform the process of losing weight with a healthy diet for blood type A diet may still sound foreign to the community, especially for those who have been accustomed to do naturally with diet programs consume a diet food menu. But not a few others believe and have been undergoing a diet based on blood type.

Healthy Foods for Type A Blood Diet

Some people argue that strategy in consuming healthy food diet for blood type A is very efficient, but the reality is not a few others argue otherwise. According to research conducted by specialists in nutrition, diet consume foods based on blood type can be very large, because the effect by doing a diet based on blood type will be able to change our digestive system.

According to research exchanges, quality food that can be digested properly will greatly depends by blood type on each individual. When these types of food consumed in accordance with blood type, then the result will be good, and vice versa. Hereinafter described, that the lectin protein substance is already on every food can ascertain whether the blood type a person who consumes food is appropriate or not.

Blood type A diet healthy

People with blood type A, usually have great dispositions and characters, it also has the nature and character of the tenacious and creative at the same time sensitive. When they are facing problems, they usually will devour most of the contents of the fridge, so that people who have blood type A will requires good control, one of which is to run a blood type A diet program.

The food is usually recommended for who has blood type A is the sardine fish and goldfish, while for the protein source could be obtained from soy milk and tofu, beans, or you can also consume other foods such as peanuts or beans.

Type A blood type diet menu that healthy

To perform A blood type diet healthy, you can start it by running a balanced diet that is by the way a sufficient intake of the nutrients needed by the body. However by the presence menu diet based on blood type, these will also add new ways for someone to do a diet activity. Here’s some diet menu that can be consumed by someone who has blood type a:

-Animal Protein: snails, sardine fish and CARP

-Vegetable Proteins: soy milk or nuts, beans, peanuts and tofu

-Fruit: Blueberry, lemon and lime, mango, banana, and pineapple

-Vegetables: carrots, broccoli, and spinach

When viewed from its history, someone who has blood type A usually prefer with activities such as farming, farming out to the rice fields, so that food consumption by someone who has blood type A has always been closely related to vegetable soup.

The ban on foods for blood type a diet

To avoid consuming meat is highly recommended for someone who is undergoing blood type A diet program. For that you could replace it with a lot of food consumption to reproduce the content of vegetable soup. This is a very precise recommendation for those of you who are in the process of blood type A diet which is healthy. However, aside from meat there are also some food that is also considered unfit for consumption by a person who has blood type A at the moment is running blood type A diet is healthy. The following are some of the food should not be consumed by those of you who are running blood type A diet is healthy:

-Drinks: sparkling water, coconut milk, cow milk, pure milk and ice cream

-Food: pickles, honey, cheese

-Aquatic animals: Shrimp, squid, Octopus, crab, eel, frogs, and lobster

Fruit: oranges, papaya, melon and banana King

-Meat: ducks, chickens, water buffalo, sheep, geese and cows

-Vegetables: Pare, potato, tomato, eggplant, and sweet

At the time of running A blood type diet programs healthy, will be futile if you continue to consume foods with a number of lots and irregular. By consuming food with great numbers, then the energy you get is also very much, so that your weight is automatically also will not experience a change, could even be growing.

Healthy Foods for Type A Blood Diet


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